7 Teen Rappers (Pg. 2)


5. Foxy Brown
Age of Debut: 16
Youngest In Charge Verse: “Bitches grab ya ta-ta’s, get them niggaz for they cheddar/Fuck it, Gucci sweaters and Armani leathers/Flossin rocks like the size of Fort Knox/Four carats, the ice rocks, pussy bangin’ like Versace locs pops (What the deal?)…” (“I Shot Ya Remix,” 1995)
Skill Set: Fox Boogie Brown blew up from total obscurity after stealing the show on LL Cool J’s memorable 1995 posse cut  “I Shot Ya Remix.” Surrounded by her older male peers, Foxy was bold, obscene, and totally in control. What did she do for an encore? Foxy Brown lived up to the hype and dropped the Def Jam set Ill Na Na.



4. Lil Wayne
Age of Debut: 15
Youngest In Charge Verse: “I be hotter than a devil/Lil daddy I’m on fire,17-rider, Mac-mac his supplier/Lil’ boy my chopper make mo’ noise than a choir/One of these niggas gone leave here brainless/Some of these niggas ain’t gone even be remaining.” (Hot Boys’ “Block Burner,” 1997)
Skill Set: Much has been written of Wayne’s meteoric evolution as a top-flight lyricist over the years. But when you look back at an adolescent Weezy during his Hot Boys days there was something totally anti-PC (and cool) about the gun-toting, weed smoking pip-squeak. There was a reason why he was the best hook-man in the crew; his made-for-cartoon voice was that damn infectious. But who knew Wayne, who is currently serving a one-year bid in Rikers for firearm possession, would become one of hip hop’s most powerful and influential voices?

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