The Boondocks’ 10 Best Celebrity Cameo Appearances


Still not checking for Adult Swim’s The Boondocks? C’mon, son! After a two-year hiatus, cartoonist Aaron McGruder’s satirical show returned to the small screen on Adult Swim for its third and final season last Sunday night with a new episode called “It’s A Black President, Huey Freeman”—a hilarious take on all of the hoopla surrounding the election of President Barack Obama. Like previous episodes, McGruder stirred up conversation through the subject matter portrayed on the program by attacking a serious issue (in this case, Obama’s election and what that means to the country) and managing to make it funny. 

But controversy isn’t the only reason that the show has been so successful. Aside from the show’s main characters Huey and Riley Freeman (both voiced by actress Regina King) and Robert “Granddad” Freeman (voiced by actor John Witherspoon), McGruder has also gotten plenty of help from the celebrities who have embraced the show. Some have served as voices for characters on the show. Some have subjected themselves to the show’s satire. And some haven’t actually done anything for the show but have provided plenty of fodder for McGruder through their actions out there in the world. To prove the point, decided to take a look at the ten best celebrity appearances the show has had to offer. Stay tuned. —Chris Yuscavage