Buckwild Confirms Hacked Solar Email, Not Sweating Debt


Ironically, a man who should have personal beef with Solar is not trippin’ like the rest of the hip-hop world.

Buckwild, famed producer of Diddy’s Hitmen squad, was inadvertently dragged into the Solar/Guru saga when hacked emails?allegedly from Solar account?revealed that the 7 Grand Records owner owed a lot of people money. Buckwild still hasn’t seen the green.

“I am owed money but it was only a little bit left?like $500?but looking at what transpired I don’t think it’s even a big issue right now,” Buckwild tells VIBE. “We lost Guru and there’s nothing that can bring him back. You can always get money but when you lose a dude that’s good like that it’s a big loss.”

Buckwild confirmed that last year Solar gave him a down payment for a track for Guru, and agreed to pay the rest once they got the music. Buckwild only dealt with Solar during the transaction but refuses to pass judgment.

“I only spoke to Solar once and like I said, it was a good conversation but the point is Guru cant verify what happened because he’s not here,“ Buckwild says. “I feel bad for [Guru’s] family and a lot of people who were really close to him because they probably couldn’t be there, and for Premier to have to sneak to see Guru—it’s a bad situation. I feel bad about it but all I can say is he’s gone and there’s nothing that can bring him back.” —Starrene Rhett



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