Buckwild Says VIBE’s Producer Tournament Is A Popularity Contest, Predicts Dr. Dre Victory

It’s natural that those most sensitive to VIBE’s Greatest Producer of All-Time Tournament would be the actual beatmakers involved in the competition. However, Buckwild of Diddy’s Hitmen?who lost in the third round to The Neptunes?says there’s no reason to be mad if you’ve delivered timeless hits, like his squad. According to the Bad Boy affiliate, the contest is more about popularity than quality, but despite that he feels the Hitmen will always reign supreme.

“I don’t think it’s a test of who’s the greatest, it’s who’s the most popular and that’s fine, everybody has their opinion. If you broke down every producer under Diddy you can put them in every category and they would excel,” Buckwild tells VIBE. “If you really want to count the greatest then play the records. Under Hitmen, if you look at me and D-Dot and all these other guys, the discography would be so crazy that it’s very few people who could probably compete with it. If you go to clubs they’re still playing Diddy and the Hitmen records from ’95. Looking at it like that should amount to some type of greatness but people are going by popularity.”

Buckwild, who just finished working with T.I., Fat Joe and is in the lab with Redman, has his money on Dr. Dre when it comes to the last producer standing.

“Dre is going to win because he’s the most popular. I’m not saying that he’s better than Premier. I think they’re two great producers but with this generation, like I said, it’s not who’s the best, it’s who’s the most popular.” ?Starrene Rhett

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