Charlamagne Tha God Compares Himself To Barack Obama


Charlamagne Tha God was infamously laid off from Philadelphia’s The Beat 100.3 last fall but he still won’t shut up. The controversial radio personality, who will be back on air on Charleston, SC ‘s The Box next week, is also going to continue his reign of comedy by relaunching a series of web skits with comedian Lil Duval, in late May.

“I’m not a comedian, I just tell the truth. It might come off as jokes because sometimes you have to put the medicine in the candy,” C Tha God told VIBE. “People respond better if they feel like you’re not preaching to them.”

C tha God’s version of candied medicine is The Hood State of The Union, a series of sketch comedy vignettes that can be seen on the web⎯created with Duval⎯featuring various rappers and other cult figures that speak to the 18-34-year-old demographic.

“The Hood State of the Union is me and Lil Duval’s politically incorrect views and potentially dangerous rhetoric,” C tha God told VIBE about what people should expect. “When you look at Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, he’s talking to America. We’re doing it too but it’s from a hood perspective.”

Charlamagne and Lil Duval’s comedic venture caught the attention of Nick Cannon who helped them pitch it to MTV, but the network wasn’t ready to see it come to fruition. Instead, the pair ended up on another MTV show, the Nick Cannon-produced Hatin’ on ’09, a series that aired in January.

“The Hatin’ show was a vehicle to move me and Lil Duval into our own thing,” C tha God told VIBE. “We’re gonna see what happens but the new Hood State of the Union launches May 20. That’s, and a new Hatin’ show comes out in June.”

C tha God describes Lil Duval as a “genuinely funny dude” but when it comes to his own egregious opinion, he claims he’s just overseeing the game.

“I’m what you call a cultural critic, a referee. The game needs people to say what you’re doing over there is some B.S.,” C tha God told VIBE. “When I say something, I’m coming from a good and honest place and I hope people can respect what I’m saying.” ⎯Starrene Rhett