David Banner: ‘It Ain’t About How Good You Can Rap Anymore…’

As David Banner prepares a collaborative album with 9th Wonder called Death of a Pop Star, he speaks with VIBE about he’s bringing the Grim Reaper to popular music.

Death of a Pop Star is about the death of contemporary music and how the system is trying to take away our ability to have pop stars. Music has been reduced to a download; it’s going to be almost impossible for there to be another Michael Jackson or Usher. The power has been taken away from the people. I’m not saying I’m sick of the music industry but it’s just that certain people are trying to make it like the WWF, and that’s bull.

Music just doesn’t have a balance right now, the problem is that system doesn’t care about the quality of music. The only thing record companies care about is money and their return on investment as quick as possible. These labels don’t have one owner anymore that has a soul. They have corporate entities that don’t care about talent and will just push garbage. Now, they think can get anybody to play the part of a rapper. Everybody feels like they can be a rapper. If record companies are going to put out albums by people that only have one hit song on the whole project, shit, I wouldn’t buy it either.

People don’t even mix and master records anymore. They don’t care about the quality of music anymore and it’s turning it into shit and it’s our fault. All these blog sites and magazines are doing the same thing with the bullshit politics. The media ain’t shit, they only care about screwing each other. It ain’t about how good you can rap anymore. Dope beats? What happened to that? Now it’s all about what features a rapper is going to have or who he’s having sex with. But we allowed it to happen and it’s our fault. Don’t blame it on no regions or anybody. Blame it on yourself for not liking better music, the magazines and blogs need to put out better information. And if anybody has any gripes with me, you can hit me on twitter @therealBanner. —As Told To Mikey Fresh