DJ Premier Breaks Down Gang Starr Discography (Pg. 2)


Step In The Arena (1991)

On the first album, I brought in a demo with just me repeating the drums over-and-over on one record and then I would start cutting up the records. I didn’t know the process of using a drum machine and trimming it straight to tape. But Step In The Arena is where I started to do the production all by myself. 

The music started sounding the way Guru and I really wanted it to sound. There was more sampling and more musical concepts.  Once I learned the process vs. by way of doing demos on a four-track, I knew the concept of how to lay a beat and make songs. With arrangements, I always had that down, but Step In The Arena is really my first all-production…just straight beats. You could hear our confidence growing.


Daily Operation (1992)

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