Drumma Boy Speaks On Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ (Pg. 3)

② Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later
“In 2008, somebody called me and said, ‘I got an artist I want you to work with.’ I forget who it even was. But they passed my number along and Drake reached out to me and asked me to come to Hot Beats [Recording Studios] in Atlanta. This was when he was first working on his rapping and singing stuff. The first studio session we recorded “Money To Blow.” [Editor’s Note: That track was later used to create Birdman’s 2009 single of the same name.] Anyway, I always see him out at certain events, so he reached out [a couple months ago] like, ‘Yo man, send me some beats. I’m about to close this album.’ So I did and he just sent me a text out of the blue the other day like, ‘We got another one!’ I responded like, ‘Yo, email it to me, let me hear it,’ but I got no response. So I guess we’ll have to take his word for it. [Laughs]”