Drumma Boy Speaks On Jeezy’s TM 103 (Pg. 2)


 Young Jeezy’s fourth solo album, Thug Motivation 103
“With Jeezy, it’s funny because when it comes to the music, I already know what he wants. We’ve never actually worked in the studio together. The first time I ever heard “Put On” was on the radio. [Laughs] Just the other day, he called me as soon as I woke up. First call of the day. He was like, ‘Where you at? I need to get some more music.’ I’ll give him the intersection I’m at and he’ll just ride down right then, pick up a beat CD and keep it moving. It’s like a real dope deal. I really got crack! [Laughs] All our joints come that way. Even with [the album’s street single] “Lose My Mind,” I didn’t hear that until we mixed it. So I can’t tell you exactly what I’ve got on there yet, but in addition to “Lose My Mind,” I’m gonna have two of three other joints on the album.”