Drumma Boy Speaks On Yo Gotti’s ‘Live From The Kitchen’ (Pg. 6)

⑤ Yo Gotti’s major label debut, Live From The Kitchen
“I have to put on for the hometown, so I put together a record for Gotti. I’m loving what this guy is doing right now. I wanted to make Gotti something like the Plies and T-Pain record, ‘Shawty,’ I did. So I told him that I had this beat and, as soon as I played it for him, he was like, ‘I’m in!’ [Once we recorded] the song, he was like, ‘Yo, this would be crazy with Ciara.’ Ciara is my homegirl so that was no problem. We all happened to be in L.A. last weekend. Ciara had a studio, so we all kicked it, recorded her part, did a bridge to make it sound like a true Gotti/Ciara record and that’s that. Look out for it.”

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