Ex-Destiny’s Child Member Farrah: “[The Reunion] Has Not Been Presented To Me…I Read It On Blogs”

For the most part, it’s common knowledge that during it’s eight-year run, Destiny’s Child has gone through many changing faces. So when Internet reports surfaced earlier this month claiming the heralded group—in all it’s alterations—were in talks about a full reunion tour, fans rejoiced. But out of the six girls to ever participate in DC, Farrah Franklin was the only one said to have been skeptical about partaking in the reunion. Franklin, however, told VIBE she has yet to receive an invitation.??

“Right now, I’m kind of hearing about it with everyone else. It hasn’t been presented to me yet. When it does or if it does, I’ll deal with it as that. I’ll have to see if it’s something in real talks or if it’s fake,” she says.??

The 29-year-old actress, who last spoke with Beyoncé ten years ago, says she would be interested in joining the reunion if compatibility was a guarantee.

“I’m really a personable person and I would just want everyone to get along. Little Farrah has a lot on her shoulders and all I ask is happiness in return and for it to be fun,” she says. “There’s so many different personalities and it’s been a long time, so you just don’t know. I would be cool with everyone, I have no problems, but it’s not about just me. There’s five other people.”


In 2000, Franklin was allegedly kicked out of Destiny’s Child for missing shows, a reason she still adamantly claims to be untrue. As an 18-year-old in a internationally-recognized girl group, Franklin says she was careful of when to open her mouth and never complained, even when silently dealing with dehydration and a stomach flu.

“I’ve delt with bitches my whole life and I’ve never gotten paid for it. So you think I’m going to come in a group and get paid and have a problem? Oh, no. So obviously it has to come to a point where I was really unhappy, there was no catfighting or anything.”

But despite any past drama, Franklin still believes that Destiny’s Child is the world’s biggest girl group and has personal memories that are positive. “We were working on my birthday and I’m not the type of person to expect things, so unexpectedly there was a little cake for me [after a performance] and they got me a pair of Gucci shoes. It was a great moment because I didn’t think anyone was paying attention. I felt like part of the family for a moment.”??

Franklin, who still does light singing, currently has her first self-scripted, self-casted independent film, Single Black Female—which she also stars in—on video shelves now and is also working on a sequel. —Tracy Garraud