Francis And The Lights Talks Producing For Drake’s Album

Unsuspecting hip-hop­­ fans were left scratching their heads when the news broke that rock band Francis & The Lights would be joining Drake on the Home Away From Home tour. However, the pairing was far from forced; the New York based quartet was personally chosen by the pride of Canada to join him on the road.

For Francis and The Lights—who serves as the tour’s opening act—the pressure of performing in front of thousands who might not even know their name seems to barely faze the group on their first national outing. The Lights’ lead singer known as Francis Farewell Starlight, was candid in his details but seemed to be taking the whole experience in stride.

“It’s definitely a challenge and we feel like the underdogs at times, but overall it’s an incredible feeling to be front of that many people,” Francis tells VIBE after wrapping a show in Memphis. “But I feel like we are well received wherever we go.”

Between warming up sold out crowds before Drake makes the magic happen, Francis lent a hand in the creation of the rapper’s highly anticipated debut album.

“Certainly, I’m a fan of Drake without question and have been for a long time. I actually produced a track on Thank Me Later called ‘Karoake,'” revealed Francis. “It’s going to be the second track on the album. But really you should know that Drake’s performance gets better every show. It’s really just something to behold. The way the energy in the room changes, it’s unbelievable.”

While he wouldn’t disclose any other information on the song’s concept or sound, Francis told VIBE that he gave the track to the Toronto native in full confidence that he would take record to the next level. —Mikey Fresh