Gudda Gudda Talks Lil Wayne Incarceration: “He Still Calls With A Lot Of Ideas”

Looking to break past the shadow cast upon him by one of Hip-Hop’s biggest names, Gudda Gudda is on a mission to take his own movement from the mixtapes to the Billboard charts.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Gudda has been running with Lil Wayne since they were both teens—introduced by a mutual friend, the two instantly bonded during their adolescent years and have remained close ever since. But now with Wayne currently serving time for weapons possession, Gudda must do more than ever to keep the YM name alive until his comrade returns home.

“I’m almost finished with my Back To Guddaville mixtape and the first single ‘Willy Wonka’ is killing up top radio right now.” Gudda tells VIBE of his Lil Wayne featured track. “I’ve already worked with Waka Flocka, Beanie Sigel and I just did a joint with Brisco. You’re going to see me on a lot collabs very soon. I’m hoping to have my album out at the beginning of next year.”

Although Weezy’s absence can certainly be felt amongst the Young Money crew, Gudda doesn’t feel any added pressure to keep the label afloat. With Drake and Nicki Minaj on the verge of releasing debut albums, the future only looks bright for the entire camp.

“We’ve got a solid line up, Nicki’s killing it, Drake’s killing it… I think we’re going to hold up strong. [Wayne] hears about everybody’s progress and all the moves we’re making. He’s real happy and excited about everything.”

Gudda’s next mixtape, Back To Guddaville, is set to be released later this month and will feature a collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame called “Lock My CEO Up” that the Third Ward native believes will be the biggest of his career. Gudda tells VIBE that he continues to stay in close contact with Wayne despite his incarceration.

“I talk to [Wayne] probably about two to three times a week. I let him know about everything that I’ve been recording and basically, he just tells me to keep going. [Wayne] is behind me 100 percent. He calls me with a lot of ideas and I execute them. I just go in the studio, knock it out.” —Mikey Fresh


Special thanks to Chris “Knotti” Green of KNCreatives / StreetKnowledge Media