Hip-Hop’s Baby Mama Reference Guide (pg. 3)


The Artist: Jay-Z on the diss track, “Super Ugly”

The Baby Mama Bars: “When does reality set in or does it not matter?/Gotta hurt that I’m your baby mama’s favorite rapper”

The Baby Mama Drama: “You know who did you know what…” After teasing the masses on “Takeover,” his first diss track directed at Nas, Jigga fired back on his second by revealing that he’d had relations with Nas’s baby mama Carmen Bryan (pictured above) years ago. The song didn’t turn the tide in the war of words going on between the two (“Super Ugly” hardly matched up to the intensity of Nas’s “Ether”) but it did help land Carmen a book deal and caused friction between her and Nas.

The Artist: DMX on …And Then There Was X’s “Party Up (Up In Here)”

The Baby Mama Bars: “You’re wack, you’re twisted, your girl’s a hoe/You’re broke, the kid ain’t yours and everybody knows/Your own man be like, ‘You’re stupid,’ you be like, ‘So?’/’I love my baby mother! I’ll never let her go.’”

The Baby Mama Drama: Okay, so this wasn’t actually about X’s baby mama. Or anyone’s baby mama in particular. But we’ll be damned if they weren’t some of the most potent fighting words we’ve ever heard. You’re wack, you’re twisted and your girl’s a hoe? Damn, damn, damn.