Hip-Hop’s Baby Mama Reference Guide (pg. 4)

The Artist: Lil Wayne on Keri Hilson’s “Turnin’ Me On”

The Baby Mama Bars: “Raw like China white, mama, I dig your persona right/You look baby mama type, I know that got you kinda hyped”

The Baby Mama Drama: None here! Just Weezy F. showing a little love to all the baby mama types out there. Like her (pictured above). And her. And her. And her. And…Well, you get the point.

The Artist: Young Jeezy on Can’t Ban The Snowman’s “I’m Back”

The Baby Mama Bars: “I got some child support for you, get off your ass, bitch, and get a job/Tell your other three baby daddys to sell dope or rob/My son got everything in this world that I never had/So one thing you can’t call me is a deadbeat dad”

The Baby Mama Drama: Think Jeezy just raps about selling O’s? Guess again. On this track from his 2006 mixtape, the ATL rapper addressed a child support case brought up against him by the mother of his son. That said, we’re pretty sure she didn’t heed the advice Jeezy gave in the lyric above, because she recently had him subpoenaed to appear in court again to try and collect more child support. Let’s get it, for real.