Hip-Hop’s Baby Mama Reference Guide (pg. 5)

The Artist: T.I. on the leaked demo track, “That’s The Way You Want It”

The Baby Mama Bars: “After the back-and-forth and you constantly asking for more/Child support, I ask, ‘What for?’ and you take me back to court/I’m in a public tug-o’-war for dough that I struggle for/I owe money for my sons, honey, and nothin’ more”

The Baby Mama Drama: If you’re not sensing the pattern yet, baby mamas and child support requests go together like strip clubs and dollar bills. T.I. (pictured above with his other baby mother and current girlfriend Tiny) found that out the hard way in 2008 when his first baby mama took him to court to try and get more child support from him to raise their two sons. He, in turn, wrote an entire verse dedicated to dissing the $&%^ out of her and her request. Why don’t people realize it’s not a good idea to get on this guy’s bad side?

The Artist: Joe Budden on the mixtape track, “Dear Angela”

The Baby Mama Bars: “We ain’t gotta hate each other/I tried to make it work, I wanted a family, not just a baby mother/Look, the lust was gone, the trust was gone, come to grips, the thought of us is gone”

The Baby Mama Drama: Early on in his career, Mouse built his rep off creating two things: tough mixtape freestyles and emo tracks about his baby mama Angela. This one took a look at their relationship and everything that went wrong in it—miscarriages, stabbing and jail stints included.