Jailhouse Rock: 5 Reasons Lil Wayne Needed An iPod In Prison


He might be in jail right now—serving a one-year sentence for a 2007 felony gun possession charge—but Lil Wayne still knows how to make headlines. Yesterday, the New Orleans rapper was found to be in possession of “unauthorized contraband” after authorities searched his cell on Rikers Island. The contraband they found? An MP3 charger and a pair of headphones that were allegedly found wrapped in an aluminum potato chip bag and stuffed in the trash. In a nearby cell, they also discovered an MP3 player that Weezy reportedly used during his time in jail.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. In a Rolling Stone interview that he did just before going away, Wayne revealed that he was planning to keep an iPod handy to listen to beats during his bid. But we’re willing to bet that’s not all he was using the MP3 player for. Since he went away in early March, plenty of stuff has dropped out in the world that Wayne would probably want to hear. So we tracked down the top five reasons Wayne needed to have his iPod juiced up and ready to go. Listen up. —Chris Yuscavage