Jen Williams: Being A Cougar Is No Longer Taboo


Older women dating younger men is definitely becoming more popular. I don’t know if there’s a shortage of good men so women have to start going down a couple of years. Or maybe it was always there but it wasn’t so much out there, [but] it’s definitely becoming more relevant in the past few years. There’s even a show about it [Cougar Town]. It’s not taboo anymore.

There are more women now who are independent and going after what they want. I think it’s sort of like that new era of thinking where women are going after their career choices and whatever man they want regardless of their age. It has a lot to do with the modern-day mindset. I hear stuff about celebrities like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher getting married, but none of my friends are really involved with a younger man. I knew Evelyn’s date at my charity was a lot younger [but] my whole thing is it’s not like she’s trying to marry the guy, so if he can make you happy that’s what it’s about.


“If there’s a shortage of good men, women have to start going down a couple of years”


I’ve never dated someone who was 10 years younger than me [but] I guess I would be open to it if I was single. It would probably be something where I would just have fun because I don’t think I would get too serious with someone that young. There are some drawbacks as far as he may not be as mature and he may not have a lot to bring to the table. But everyone is different and sometimes people 10 years younger than you do have everything together and could change your mind. It all depends on the individual.

If women want to date a younger man, I’m all for it if it makes people happy. The main thing is you just have to figure out what your purpose is. Are you just trying to have fun or are you looking for something serious? Either way, don’t be concerned about what people are going to say, because people always have criticism about something. Have a good time.