Kanye West’s Comeback Single Trying Too Hard?


It’s been months since we last saw Kanye at the 2009 VMAs, hugging a bottle of Henny and raping Taylor Swift’s spotlight, but perhaps more significantly, it’s been three years since we’ve heard Mr. West rap on his own song. Well, the plane from Hawaii has finally landed. Peep our gender-equal chick and a dude review of Ye’s comeback single, “Power,” and let us know if you agree with our disappointment assessment.


this track is just aight i think
not sure i’m blasting this from my proverbial whip
but its cool for the ‘Pod

true, but i like the way this shit starts out
like a parade
i was kinda hyped from jump

a welcome back parade…
and how he jumps on the beat

and i like the skitzo shit 
but then the lyrics…
I wasn’t impressed and I tried to ignore it for the sake of my love for ‘Ye, but it was too much (too less?) to ignore

sound like he actually hasn’t rapped since VMAs, even the flow is a little off
“i dont need your pussy, bitch im on my own dick”
pause that Ye!

i was going to reference that line!
you cant pause your own penis!

yes you can!

guess you’d know best! third verse is the best
because we love ignorant Kanye

third verse is ignorant

i love ignorance! but it sounds like he’s trying too hard
he’s just out of step on this

yeah, like he was trying to craft a comeback

 “i was drinking earlier, now i’m driving”

what the fuck is that line?

Step Your Rap Game up
no double egg sell

and why the austin powers reference???

so dated, right?

cmon son!
super dated
so far, hawaii aint the greatest recording place on earth
he shoulda just chilled on jay’s tour bus

ha! Glad there’s no Taylor Swift references, at least and that he didnt do the depressing shtick. shit’s-been-rough-but-im-back track… like this joint is fun but i’m not really trying to blast it

yeah, it’s cool

beat is crack cocaine though
could hear Whale on here

yeah beat is awesome

oops, *Wale

lmao. Who are you Wayne?

[Damn, I mean….]
it sounds like Wale’s Chillin 2.0

This doesn’t make me say, Ye is RAPPING again
he’s just making words rhyme here..he aint SPITTIN yet

going through the motions kind of

yeah a warm up, no cole
lap one. i guess we’ll allow him to do that
but out of all his singles, this is the weakest

it doesn’t sound like a deliberate comeback track, which i like
it’s just the first time we’ve heard from him in a while that’s all
probably the weakest single in his catalogue but still fun
man cudi could’ve helped this track out

jay couldve helped

 Biggie could’ve helped!

an aaliyah sample couldve helped! 

ha! shots fired
i’m pretty sure no one’s ever called him “the abomination of obama’s nation”
not for mic jacking Taylor Swift

yeah kanye can somehow make any dejected statement sound conceited lol
okay final thoughts!

kanye singing bad > kanye rapping bad

damn, sadness. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea leaving amber by herself? Im pretty sure more sex = better lyrics. 

shit Amber could’ve made this track better

anyways, now you’re just hating!
production is on point
however, i like this in separate elements
not as a whole
ye needs a redbull
and a man hug from jay
every kanye song fits a moment

not sure what this moment feels like


not Powerful
song title FAIL

maybe it’s ironic?! Lmao

 this is lyrical regression
pre-college dropout yeezy

high school yeezy 


like a yeezy impersonator. Some karaoke shit. 

malik yusef or some shit

okay let’s stop, because next week im sure you’ll be blasting this from your cubicle.

lmao. Yeah, maybe you’re right.