Lil Wayne Laughs At Ex-Wife Toya’s Rapping

Rasheeda’s sorority-styled “BedRock Remix” featuring Kandi, Diamond, Lola Monroe and Antonia “Toya” Johnson caught many people off guard after its late April release. For one, it was an unlikely adaptation, but more so, the song debuted Lil Wayne’s famed-ex-wife-turned-reality-star, Toya rhyming a decent 16. Expect more where that came from. 

The Tiny & Toya star tells VIBE that she’ll be releasing her own original song in the near future. 

“I’ma try it and test it out. [A mixtape or album] depends on how this one goes by myself,” says Toya. “I always had a little urge to rap, but never really wanted to because sometimes it doesn’t come off lady like. Then of course Wayne is a rapper so I thought people would be like, ‘Oh she’s trying to rap because Wayne rap.’ So I was like let me just play around with something.” 

Toya points out that her new music venture is just for fun, but was inspired by the reaction to the “BedRock Remix.” 

“It’s crazy because now that I did a little bit of that song everybody’s been coming to me like, ‘Oh can we hear something else? Your accent is so cute. You sound so cute rapping.’ I’m like wow.” 

As a platinum-selling rapper, Wayne found his ex’s flow a bit more amusing than impressive. “[Wayne] laughed at me [on the “BedRock remix”]. That’s what men do. They’re never going to tell you you’re good or to keep going with it. You know their slick side.” 

Toya also explains that her and Wayne rarely if ever, discuss music. They’re relationship revolves strictly around shared 11-year-old daughter, Reginae. The newfound rapper cleared the air about reports stating that an mp3 player had been found within Rikers Island, intended for Wayne. 

“All of that stuff about MP3s and cell phones… that’s not true. I don’t know where that stuff comes from,” says Toya. “Yes, I did [confirm with him]. He doesn’t know where any of this is coming from. Wayne doesn’t entertain that. [But] he’s doing great.” 

Regarding rumors that Tiny & Toya had not been picked up for a second season, Toya claims otherwise. “Tiny & Toya is not cancelled. They decided to continue the show in a different direction. Whatever comes out of it, that’s what it is.” When asked if the show would carry on with a different title, with more spotlight on herself, Toya replied “maybe,” also revealing that Tiny’s part would be smaller. 

As for her personal life, Toya, who’s been romantically linked to BET’s The Deal host, MempHitz, says she’s in love and that there could be a possible second marriage for her in the near future. —Tracy Garraud

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