LisaRaye Talks Cougars, Playboy And Lil’ Kim


LisaRaye McCoy is a grown-ass woman. 42 to be exact. With nearly 15 years in the entertainment industry and her own reality show, The Real McCoy doing big numbers, it’s safe to say LisaRaye is good for business. VIBE caught up with the newly single mother for some real talk. —Tracy Garraud

VIBE: You mentioned in interviews that the point of your show is to clear the air about yourself. What rumors would you like to dispel?

LisaRaye: There’s some from different interviews, some that you don’t even know about yet and there’s some that are going to stay private. There’s a yin and yang to having such a public life.

What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard of yourself?
I think they’re all kind of crazy. I don’t take any of them seriously for them to make me or break me.

There are whispers out there that you have a pretty bad temper.
I’ve never heard that one. But don’t we all? I’ll tell you one thing—I’m a woman who holds her own, but if you want to bring it, you can sho’ get it.

Another rumor is that you’re dating Al Sharpton. Is he on your show?
Yes, he is. I don’t think it’s unique that he would come to my rescue [after what happened with my ex-husband]. I’ve known him for ten years. I was one of the first celebrities that helped him with his first rally. When people start saying ‘Is it this guy? Is that guy?’… well how many guys are you going to try and put me with it?

So you’re confirming you and Al have never been romantic?
Yeah. If and when I’m with somebody, I’m not trying to hide it. I would be very proud of it. If you “catch” me holding hands with someone, you ain’t caught nothing because I wanted you to see that.

How do you feel about dating younger men?
I don’t feel anything. I’m not a tiger or a cougar. That’s not my thing. I want someone that’s had a chance of living life. I’m definitely a worldly woman, a former first lady. I don’t want any more kids.

I took [my daughter] to the [Players Club] set with me because I wanted her to know that this is a movie. And one day you might want to go to a strip club yourself”

What’s the youngest you’ll go?
I’m not doing 20 anything. I’m not doing…35… I don’t know. I just want him to be experienced enough to show me something, because I can definitely show him something. I’ve been around the block and around the corner and up the street.

What’s the oldest you’ll go?
More seasoned men take care of themselves, so I don’t want to put an age on that cause men at 60 look great. Back in the day that was a grandfather age, but they look good.

Do you ever hate being a sex symbol?
No. [Laughs] There’s something that comes along with that, that’s sexy. Although when men meet me I can tell automatically that they’re undressing me with their eyes, but you kinda get used to it.

Has being a sex symbol been a problem in any of your old relationships?
I think being a sex symbol is overrated. Everybody automatically thinks ‘Oh she’s a freak. I can’t please her.’ If you think I’m sexy great, if you don’t that’s fine.

Are you done modeling in magazines?
Oh no. You graduate from being exploited to magazines like Shape, Maxim. I could do that who knows.

Would you do Playboy?
I might.

What’s the difference between that and a black men’s magazine?
It’s just us, I’m telling you. We destroy us. That’s just the way it goes. The whole business is built to tear you down.

Has your daughter ever been embarrassed that her mother’s a sex symbol?
She was never embarrassed at all because she’s been with me longer than anything. She’s seen my body more than anybody, so she knows the body is beautiful. She knows that I’ve never tried to exploit my body and we have body parts around our house. I love to model. I know how to move my body to make it look intriguing. So she understands that. If we walk around the house looking at my size and looking at her size, she’s comfortable being the size she is and she knows that mommy’s comfortable being the size I am and we’re not the same size. Embrace what your curves, because it’s yours. I took her to the [Players Club] set with me because I wanted her to know that, ‘Hey this is a movie; this is a real story. And one day you might want to go to a strip club yourself and see this for yourself.’ There are women who are actually going to school and it’s a job to them. You make the money, don’t let the money make you. A lot of times people forget the message and it’s my responsibility to make sure they don’t. And my daughter got it at an early age.

Some people think it’s odd that you kiss your daughter on the lips.