LisaRaye Talks Da Brat, Chris Brown And Shower Scenes (Pg. 2)

Some people think it’s odd that you kiss your daughter on the lips.
I don’t care what they think. Cause if there’s one thing I know is mine, that is her. She came out of me. So that’s my baby and a mother can never love her child enough.

You’re really good friends with Lil’ Kim, does she ever make an appearance on the show?
Oh, no. [Our] schedules didn’t coincide.

Do you and her hang out with your non-celebrity friends? Is that weird at all?
It’s kinda funny because we’ll getting ready to eat and I’ll be like ‘Hey girl come sit down’ and they look and say ‘Oh shoot, that’s Lil Kim!’ So sometimes I lock down my house because although they’re my friends, I want to protect her privacy and have her be able to walk around as free as she needs. She doesn’t have to run into somebody that’s my friend and not hers. It’s just not fair. I kinda keep a grip on that.

You’re also friends with Stacey Dash. Did you share any advice with her when word spread that her ex-husband had been physically abusive?
I didn’t even hear that she had dealt with anything. But I’m sure we will exchange stories as we go through production [of Single Ladies] and bond even more. There’s a part of me that had to shake off my shit as well.

Has your ex tried to reach out to you?
I think he was so totally embarrassed at how he handled the infidelity and adultery and complete corruption of governmental affairs and the investigation of rape, that he’s embarrassed.

How are you guys right now?
The divorce is final, but the financial settlement is not. Which is the most important part to me. [Laughs]

Chris Brown recently claimed that he’s being black balled by some radio stations. From your experience with abuse, has he suffered enough?
He’s young and he made a mistake. We shouldn’t continue to punish him. Allow him to make that mistake and move on. It takes two to tango. You need to both understand and accept your responsibility in how you acted in the situation. He did not do it alone. Was it right for him to put his hands on her? Absolutely not. Was it right for her to put her hands on him? Absolutely not. To me, the way she left him out there to drip dry was only what a young girl would do. He had something to offer to us lyrically and musically, so give him a chance.

Update us on your sister, Da Brat. How’s she doing in jail?
She’s in a work-release program, which is cool because when you move towards that and your ending your time that way, it means you’re getting closer to coming home. So I’m very glad about that. She’s a very strong cookie and she’s utilizing this time to reevaluate things. She’s got the lesson.


What kind of work is she doing?
I have to be very easy and smooth about the way I talk about that because I want to respect her privacy. The most important thing is she’s able to be outside the environment of prison. She can reestablish her outside living.

Would fans be able to recognize her easily?
She looks just the same. I asked her when she was going to take advantage of this time and lose some weight. She’s like ‘Girl, please.’ [Laughs]

What are your conversations like with her?
I bring her up to date with what I’m going through. Any of the positive stuff. Family stuff. I give her people’s notes.

Besides working, how else does she spend her time?
Coming up with songs. She’s writing a book.

Nice. A novel or memoir?

I’ll save that for when she gets out. I don’t want to get it wrong. She passes her time the best way anyone in jail can. She’s capitalizing off of her talents.

When can we expect to see her?
She got three years. And right now she’s done a year and some change. So we don’t know if this work-release program will allow her to leave a little bit earlier or if she’ll be able to get out because of good behavior.

You’re pretty open about your life, but what’s something we’ll never see on your show?
I think everything is pretty much out now. I’m down-to-earth and real. I want my story to be out there and help women. You’ll see some things that you never knew.

Like what LisaRaye looks like in the shower?
[Laughs] Maybe in a movie, but not in my reality show.