A Long Convo With… Nas (Pg. 3)


If 2012 marks the final days, will we get another Nas album before the end of the world?
[Laughs]. Yo yea, no question. My shit is… I just started working on it. It’ll be out later this year.

Oh, word? What direction are you thinking musically?
I’m just gonna let nature take its course. I’m letting it out, man.

You’ve said you’ll rap until you’re 80 years old, but have you ever considered stopping if fans aren’t feeling you the same way?
There’s no room for those thoughts. I’m sorry rappers, DJ’s and producers: We’re fucked. Trapped. No way out. If you do get out, you’re lucky. Teach me. I don’t see it. 

Is your legacy something you think about?
I used to, [until] I saw I had it on autopilot. It kind of scared me, ’cause at one point I didn’t know my voice was what it was. I didn’t know how it was impacting the people, and the potential of what I could do if I kept going.

When did you come to that realization that your legacy is pretty much cemented?
I guess when I looked at dudes before me [whose] careers died from drugs or crazy egos, bad advice, not following their heart, imitating shit that’s temporary. I’ve seen a lot of dudes from the ‘80s messed up from that. They kinda like brats, like little divas, thinking that everyone owes them something. Shit don’t owe me nothing.

Rakim felt you owed him a phone call before dropping “U.B.R.” He said he felt “funny” about it.
It’s just love and respect. How could I [disrespect him]? Somebody makes a song about you, it’s gonna freak you out, no matter what. If someone makes one about me? I raise an eyebrow for a second, but then since I’ve done it, I understand. It’s love, real shit. I wanna do one about KRS and Kool G Rap.

You still gonna do those? You teased it on Streets Disciple.
Yeah, I should’ve done the KRS one a while ago. That dude’s a monster.

Another urban legend you’ve put out there was on Wu-Tang’s The W. You called yourself “the only nigga Sade dated.” Did you two ever have a fling?
Of course it’s not true. It’s just wishful thinking. I love Sade. [Laughs]

Looking forward, the new kids on the block are Drake and J. Cole. Drake made the comparison of himself as Jay-Z and J. Cole as Nas. Do you see the same parallel?
I think its great that those brothers aim for that, if that’s what they’re aiming for. They’re great. Jay Electronica’s a monster, [too]. They’re gonna open doors for more real niggas to get in the game. I love that shit. It’s too early for me to know, [though]. Those dudes are so creative, who knows what they’re about to do. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the show.




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