A Long Convo With… Trey Songz (Pg. 2)


Yeah, I mean, that’s definitely—

And for a lot of people Twitter is like that.

Yeah, ’cause if you think about Twitter people will say some shit that’s totally outlandish that they wouldn’t say in a room full of people but it’s basically a room full of people. But the sense of my world being different and every artist for that aspect who’s gotten a certain level of success and notoriety, when you walk into a room, the room changes and that happens most of the places you go. Your world is not like everyone else’s. If you walk into a certain room, you gon’ have to sign pictures, you gon’ have to sign autographs. Yeah, you have to give yourself and even when you’re surrounded by people that work for you, everything happens when you want it to happen. Living in a world like that, it definitely can be lonely and you definitely want friends but at the same token I believe you gotta know what’s what. This shit is some of the loneliest shit. I might have women in a great sense of urgency tonight that are excited to see me and love my songs and love me as an artist but when it come down to it, I’m by myself. In a lot of cases.

You go to sleep by yourself…

[Smiles] Sometimes. 

In the beginning of your career, how did you get used to women throwing themselves at you?

Not arrogantly, but [getting] women has never really been a problem. It’s definitely different when women throw themselves at you but I’ve never really been too excited about the groupie thing ’cause groupies they know what it is they want and they want that and that only. I don’t get too involved with people that want me for a perception… There’s so much to Tremaine that Trey Songz doesn’t embody. So for people that wanna know me or wanna be with Trey Songz, once again you go back to the relationship thing. If that’s what I want then that’s cool but if I don’t feel like that then I’m good… When I have somebody I actually care about, sex is not what the relationship is generally based off, especially for a woman that I don’t see or talk to very often. If I come into your city and we have sex and we spend time together and you love the time we spend together, the sex will make you feel less valuable. If we don’t have sex you’re more understanding of what I’m doing. You don’t feel as used. Even though it may be what you want, it may not be what I want.

Do you want to settle down eventually, get married?


Have kids?

I think that’s what life is about. In this profession you spend so much time chasing your dreams. You trying to get whatever it is you see in your head and live it all out, achieve all this success, you look back and all this time passed ’cause you put your whole life into it.

Some people get so far into what they do as a career that—

Yeah, and that’s not even just chasing superstardom. That’s whatever you do in your life ’cause it’s so instilled in you. You go to college, you go get this job, you have a career, you become a professional and you’ll have time for whatever else after that but you look up and you’ve wasted a lot of real life. [Whispers] It’s a gift and a curse. 

Do you pay attention to blogs?

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