A Long Convo With… Trey Songz (Pg. 3)


I wouldn’t say I pay attention to them but I’m very aware of what goes on and what gets said: I’m ‘dating Tahiry and Keri Hilson and I broke Toni Braxton’s marriage up and with everybody.’ You know, the blogs it’s a business, baby. People want gossip, people gon’ give it to ’em. And the thing about blogs, it doesn’t have to be a credible source. It’s not like news. It’s not like CNN where you can’t say whatever you wanna say. On a blog you can say whatever you wanna say and you don’t have to be held accountable for it.

Are you upset about things that you read online or do you just brush it off? There was a rumor about you being gay.

This is not credible news. It’s fly by night. They saying gay one day and then the next day I’m having sex with some other woman that I haven’t even kicked it with that I took a picture with in a club. So I try and stay off the blogs. I know what’s said about me, of course, but it can affect you or I can just live my life. ’Cause my life keeps going no matter what you say about me. So for me to sit here and keep basking in it, like, “Oh, they’re talking about me,” people gon’ talk about me no matter what I do.

That kiss with Toni Braxton [at the 2009 Soul Train Awards] got people talking. Was that something that was planned?

Tone, Tone… I planned it. I don’t know what she was thinking [Laughs]. 

Was there any chemistry there? People were saying that you basically broke up her marriage.

Ah, that’s a little outrageous. That’s outrageous… I mean, that’s Toni Braxton, man. Who wouldn’t kiss her?

Do you like older women?

Older women are great.

[Laughs] Don’t give me that answer.

Nah, I’ve dated older women. I love women, period. Something about older women—they’ve been through something. They willing to give you a little room to run and do whatever it is you do ’cause they know what it is they want.


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