Love/Hate: Brandy & Ray J Come Clean

Siblings can go from beefing to BFFs. With their new VH1 reality show, A Family Business, Brandy and Ray J come clean about each other’s habits, good and bad


I love Brandy because . . . 

? She lets me roll up and smoke in her car and doesn’t say a word. She might roll her eyes and roll down the window, but she don’t trip.

? I trust her completely. I love that she’s always been my biggest supporter even when I was dead wrong and acting out.

? I’ve had some strong words for a few of the dudes she’s dated. Kobe was cool. But a few of them other ones? Nah. She will fall back and let me handle my business as her brother and I respect that.

I can’t stand Brandy because . . . 

 She’s got a temper! Well, she used to. When we were little, we had to take a bath together. She hated it. So one time, she turned the water on as hot as it would go and shoved me under the faucet. I got burned.

 She says she understands that I’m the one who handles most of the business decisions. But when I’m talking business, she gets mad if we don’t include her in the conversation.

 She hates the fact that even though I’m younger, I’m still the boss. Period.


I love Ray J because . . .

He’s got much more of an eye for business than I do. He pays attention and knows how to create and package. I fully accept that he trumps me when it comes to certain things.

My brother has always been edgy. Even when he was really young and everyone tried to make him go in one direction, he fought against that.

He’s honest with me. When the tabloids were saying he was dating Whitney Houston, I straight up asked him. Would it have been weird for them to be more than friends? Yes. But he said they were friends, and I believe him.

I can’t stand Ray J because . . .

 I don’t like For the Love of Ray J. I only watch the couch scenes when he’s interviewing. I’ve caught moments of other stuff and I can’t get through it. It makes me just a bit queasy to see my brother in action.

 The sex tape thing, people thought I was mad at him, but I wasn’t. That was his girl and it happened. But was I embarrassed? Of course! I was mortified.

 When I started dating, he always had something to say. I listen, but sometimes he can work my nerves with that. He needs a constant reminder that I’m the big sister. —As Told To Aliya S. King

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