Lyfe Jennings: ‘I Had This One Chick Who Bit Me’

Ladies, Lyfe Jennings wants you to avoid becoming a statistic so bad that he wrote a song about it. “Statistics,” from his fourth studio album I Still Believe, was partly inspired by Steve Harvey’s best selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man but Jennings says his own experiences also provided solid research.

In the ballad, he breaks down numbers that lead to a seemingly bleak outcome for single women. According to the chorus, 25% of all men are unstable, 25% are unfaithful, 30% don’t mean what they say and 10% are gay. That leaves women a 10% chance of ever finding a man but Jennings says it’s not a bad as it sounds.

“Some people say that I’m trying to scare them into saying that they only got a 10 percent chance of finding their man but that’s not that’s I’m saying,” Jennings tells VIBE. “I’m saying that we’re all particular human beings and whatever you want in life, it’s probably only 10 percent of people that suit your needs⎯so don’t make no mistakes and understand that if you give it up to him on the first time⎯nine times out of 10⎯you may have gotten your 10 percent but he’s not gonna want to deal with you after that.”

One thing the soulful virtuoso admits to leaving out of the song was cautionary advice about not being a stalker.

“I get a lot of women coming on too strong. I’m a hood dude so imagine how strong you have to come on for me to say you’re coming on to strong. I had this one chick who bit me,” Jennings reveals about the celebrity he won’t name. “She was trying to turn me on by telling me what she can do for me and what I would like but I just wanted to get away because she was crazy. Don’t be too aggressive unless you don’t want to keep him. In that case, just keep calling every hour on the hour.”

Jennings has confirmed that this will be his last studio album so that he can focus on fatherhood and acting, but he didn’t leave his fans hanging.

“Anything else they want to know, they can just listen to the music because I’m always talking about something,” Jennings says. “You know how opinionated I am, so expect a lot of bluntness and R&B and soul at its finest. This album is way better sonically and musically than any of my last efforts.” ⎯Starrene Rhett

I Still Believe hits stores on July 27.