Manny Pacquiao Warms Up To Mayweather’s Drug Testing Demands

Now that the final bell has sounded and Floyd Mayweather defeated an aging Shane Mosley on Saturday (May 1), boxing buffs are on to the next one: the seemingly unavoidable Mayweather vs. Pacquiao big ticket. 

While previous plans for the two pound-for-pound best in boxing to square off were scrapped after the fighters couldn’t agree on the terms of drug testing, Manny Pacquiao seems to be opening up to the possibility of the fight everyone wants to see.

“I am willing to help the sport for the future of the sport. I do not want to see anyone cheat or cheat this sport. For that reason I am willing to consider taking blood [tests] as close as 14 days prior to the fight, as long as my opponent does the same, and it is not a lot of blood, just enough to test,” Pacquiao is quoted as saying on his official website.

Back in the January, the much-anticipated matchup was scrapped after the Filipino boxer would not agree to random drug testing within 30 days of the fight, because he felt having his blood drawn weakens him. He eventually dropped the time period down to 24 days, but the two camps couldn’t come to an agreement. 

While Mayweather has accused Pacquiao of using performance-enhancing drugs, he hasn’t backed down to the challenge of the potential title fight.

“If he wants to fight it’s not that hard to find me,” Mayweather said after his victory over Mosley. “We tried to fight before and it didn’t work, and we moved on. Mosley did what I asked him to do and if every athlete in the sport would do that, we know we would have a clean sport. Everyone should take the test. I am willing to take the tests. If Manny takes the test we can make the fight happen. If he doesn’t we don’t have a fight.”