Marques Houston Talks Near-Death Experience With Brandy, Offers Halle Berry Dating Advice

VIBE speaks with the former frontman of IMx about anything but his upcoming album, Mattress Music

Interview by: Starrene Rhett


VIBE: Who is your industry best friend?
Marques Houston: Omarion is too obvious because he’s my brother. But the closest person in the industry to me who is like a big brother is Tyrese. He gives me a lot of good advice. We both do the same things. We’re both from the same background. He comes from Watts. I’m from South Central. He also started as a musician turned actor, the same way I did and I like that fact that he’s able to do both and be successful at it. Being around him, I’m able to soak up a lot of knowledge from him as far as movies go.

While we’re talking Hollywood, why can’t Halle Berry keep a man?
Halle Berry can’t keep a man because she’s probably very controlling and aggressive, and men don’t like that. I know from a lot of women friends that I have who are Leos. They don’t really have men because they’re really really aggressive and controlling and men don’t like that. I don’t know Halle Berry personally but I’m guessing that she’s one of those women that likes to be in control of the relationship and most men don’t like that.

What’s your perfect ice cream sundae?
Vanilla mixed with strawberry swirl sauce on top and some fresh skrawberrys on top. SKRAWBERRIES! Know what I mean? [laughs]


“He actually came out with a gun and had he not seen it was us, [Brandy and I] probably would have gotten shot!”


What’s the sneakiest thing you’ve ever done?
This is actually a really weird story. Brandy Norwood and I always bring this up whenever we see each other—we say we almost died together. It was our old office building and there was a guy who had a back office. He was working real late one night and we scared him. We kept sneaking around to the window and tapping on the back and he actually came out with a gun and had he not seen it was us, we probably would have gotten shot! But that’s one of the sneakiest or most mischievous things I’ve done when I was young.

What personality traits did you have in common with Roger?
None. Absolutely zero. Roger was the complete opposite of me. I used to really tell people that that was my twin brother. I was so different from him because Roger was a nerdy guy who couldn’t get girls and he was goofy. I was the complete opposite. I was the ladies man in school. I always had friends, people looked up to me. When I was seven, my two best friends were 12, they looked up to me, I was the leader so it was completely opposite. Roger was totally a character.

Is the rumor that you took Beyonce’s virginity true?

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