Mary J. Blige Pours Her Life Into A (Sprayable) Bottle


Mary J. Blige’s life has long served as the ink she used to create her heartfelt songs. Now the legendary performer is reaching out to women through a whole new medium: a fragrance. 

“My Life” is Mary’s first ever perfume, created in partnership with Carol’s Daughter. The scent will be sold exclusively on the Home Shopping Network. Mary named the fragrance after her multi-platinum album of the same name, which launched her career as a testament to her female fans.

“It’s the epitome of a confident woman,” says Mary. “It doesn’t scream out for attention—it’s feminine but strong, powerful yet humble.” The fragrance is seductively fresh—like a deliciously ripe fruit that’s both inviting and complex. As Mary said at the launch: “Sometimes a woman just wants to be licked.”

How does one go about selling a fragrance via TV that no one can actually smell? Well, when you’re talking Mary J., the woman could probably push post-it notes that would sell out in minutes. Industry analysts already project that “My Life” could do $5 to $7 million in sales on its first day alone.

“My Life” will retail for $46 beginning July 31. For every “My Life” fragrance purchase, one dollar will be donated to FFAWN, the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, the charity formed by Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute. —Adrien Field


Remember why you first fell in love with Mary and listen to the song that started it all.