Memphis Bleek Breaks Down VIBE’s Producer Tournament Final Four: “This Is A Tough One.”


It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to VIBE’s Greatest Producer of All-Time Tournament. And Brooklyn rapper and Jay-Z’s right-hand-man Memphis Bleek is no different. The veteran MC dissects our clash-of-the-titans match-ups and predicts the winner. 


> Kanye West vs. Dr. Dre
“I would have to say Dr. Dre wins this one. And I love ‘Ye… that’s my man. But Dre pioneered hip-hop music. He goes back to the NWA-Eazy E days to breaking new artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. Every time he drops a Chronic it sells 10 million copies. Nobody can compete with his track record.”

> The Neptunes vs. DJ Premier
“I would give the edge to Premier on just the fact that you don’t go to him for a hit record. When you go to Premo you are getting a cultural record. Pharrell and Chad will give you that top-10 banger for the club. But Premier will give you something that may not get the worldwide exposure you want until years later. Then people will treat it like iconic music.”

> Dr. Dre vs. DJ Premier
“This is a tough one. But I still have to give the slight edge to Dre. Premo is not as hot as he was five years ago. He’s doing a lot of other things musically. But people are still waiting for Dre to release Detox. He’s all over Eminem’s last album. How many Game albums you’ve seen sell? There’s still progress being made over there. But if you are looking at total impact, you can’t go wrong with either one. Actually, while I pick Dre, I still say Premo had a more cultural impact in terms of hip-hop. Look at a group like MOP. They never sold millions of records, but they are just as respected as anybody who ever went platinum. Why? Because they have cultural music. And who did a majority of their production? DJ Premier.” —As Told To Keith Murphy

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