Reality TV Recap: Brandy x Sonja Norwood x Drama, Chilli Sees a Therapist


Brandy & Ray J: Family Business

Brandy and her mom tried to overcome their differences, which surfaced unresolved mother-daughter issues about favoritism and the thin line between business and family. When Willie Norwood Sr. called Sonja out about the favoritism she gives Ray J she finally seemed to realize what Brandy had been trying to tell her. Meanwhile, Ray J was overindulging on the party scene and when it came down to his studio session with Rodney Jerkins, he didn’t deliver leaving the producer skeptical that Ray will focus like he promised.

Will Ray J pull together a solid project or let his Lothario-behavior get the best of him? Will Brandy and her mother’s communication finally get better?


Basketball Wives

Evelyn reveals that she is getting harassed via phone (see her exclusive interview with VIBE) and suggests that the ladies take a self-defense class, which also presented the perfect opportunity for the ladies to gang up on Gloria, whose two-face nature is revealed. When Royce finds out that Gloria had been pretending to be cool with her but talking ish behind her back, she strapped up in some boxing gloves and went to work. The fight got hectic when windmills started flying and the instructor made them stop. However, mouths kept running. The general consensus is that Gloria can kick rocks.

Is this the end of Gloria’s relationship with the women or will they be hangin out again like nothing ever happened?

What Chilli Wants

Tionna convinced Chilli to go to therapy, which seemed to help. Chilli revealed a painful situation where she got an abortion (it was a child with Dallas Austin) at the brink of her musical success, because she felt alone. This was a trauma that haunted her for years, making her feel like she wasn’t as strong as she should have been. She also revealed that she ended her relationship with Usher because she didn’t see it going anywhere. Now we have a better understanding of why she is so picky. However, she did say that she would make a conscious effort not to set impossible standards.

Will Chilli lighten up a bit?