Reality TV Recap: Brandy’s Mom Passes Out; Chilli In Love With A Farmer?


Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

Brandy and Ray J decide to work together more when it comes to music and begin reaching out to some of their favorite producers like Nephew and Rodney Jerkins to help steer their sound. Sonja Norwood realizes she overworks herself when the stress makes her dizzy on the job and as a result, Willie Norwood Sr treats her to a romantic dinner. He caps the night with a serenade to help rekindle their flame. Sonja finally begins to realize that she should be more attentive to her husband, fall back from work and allow her grown children to show and prove on their own.



Basketball Wives

Royce gets inspired by Jen’s upcoming Haiti fundraiser and encourages some of the other ladies?sans black sheep Gloria?to go to a soup kitchen. Evelyn is still dealing with her stalker but eases her mind by showing up to Jen’s event with her 22-year-old boy toy however, she played herself by getting sloppy drunk like a frat girl, and had to leave early. But at least the soup kitchen was insightful and Jen’s event was a hit.



What Chilli Wants

Tionna enlists the help of Chilli’s friends to throw a mixer where they were all able to assess different men who could be boyfriend potential. Out of all the men who came to vie for Chilli’s affection, a man name Bill stood out the most. Their date is still pending but over all Chilli seems to be making progress with her extreme pickyness. She went on a date with a man named “Farmer D,” who isn’t as dorky as he sounds. Their chemistry was good and Chilli even agreed to a second date (*gasp*). Don’t hold your breath, Chilli will probably find something wrong with him by the next episode.


Will Brandy and Ray J work out as a musical team? Is Gloria going to continue to be an outcast? Will Chilli play nice with Farmer D?