Reality TV Recap: Chilli Picks Her Man! And It’s Not Floyd

Basketball Wives

Sisterhood was kind of the prevalent theme for the Basketball Wive’s season finale but the reality is, everyone couldn’t resolve their differences. While the other women have grown to love Royce, Gloria maintains the stance that Royce is beneath her and said that Royce would never be a wife, and that her destiny was to remain a dumb cheerleader. That’s a hurtful thing to say, but it also sounds like there was some hate involved too, which is wack on Gloria’s part. Things came to a head at a dinner organized by Shaunie where Shaunie tearfully confronted Gloria about wanting to develop a genuine relationship with she and her sister, but having a hard time getting past the rumors about Shaq and Sis having an affair. Gloria, stubborn as a mule, says she wants a relationship with Shaunie but feels that family comes first. Evelyn brought up a good point, which was that while family does come first, wrong is wrong. Gloria denies that anything went down with Shaq and her sister but rumors, no matter how convoluted they get, start from some kind of truth. Plus, Shaunie and Gloria’s sister were friends at some point, so the betrayal started somewhere. Gloria was really smug throughout the whole process, so real progress as far as how she gets along with the other women might not ever really be made. But at least no drinks were thrown and reality TV addicts can look forward to season two this fall.


Brandy & Ray J

Ray J lets Shorty Mac rap on a track he got from Jazze Pha and producer named Wack. Wack decides that Shorty Mack shouldn’t be on it (without even hearing the song) because wants the song to go in a “different direction,” meaning that Ray should go with an artist with a name. That artist coincidentally happened to be Wack’s protege, J Wes. Um, has anyone ever heard of J Wes? Riiiiight. Shorty Mac took it in stride but hopefully his loyalty to Ray J will pay off soon (he actually wasn’t that bad on the song). On a more somber note, Brandy’s publicist wanted her conduct a big interview about the car accident she was involved in that resulted in one person dying. The point was for Brandy to tell her side of the story to try to get people to stop persecuting her for something that wasn’t her fault. In the end, Brandy decided that she didn’t want to talk about the accident because the only people she deserves forgiveness from are the relatives of the deceased. Plus, it’s still too painful for her to handle. You know Brandy is sensitive, but would talking about the accident have made her public image better?


What Chilli Wants

Tionna’s work with Chilli for the past two months has paid off. Despite the personality clashes, Chilli managed to take some of Tionna’s advice and find two men that she really clicked with. It came down to Bill and Farmer D. Chilli went on weekend getaways with each man. However, she still kept some of her reserve by not kissing on the…third date (she turned down advances from both men), which was honorable (prudish, but honorable)—but at least she learned to stop being stubborn, be more receptive, and finally made a decision. While both men were really good for Chilli, she had the best chemistry with Bill and that was who she chose. We’ll have to see what happens when season two returns this fall. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Fair Weather Floyd came back in the picture.