Reality TV Recap: Evelyn Confronts Alleged Stalker; Chilli Provokes Tionna

What Chilli Wants

Chilli went on her first date with Bill, the man she hit it off with at last week’s mixer, and on a second date with farmer D. Ironically, as picky as Chilli is, she’s down with the swirl. The chemistry is good with both men but Bill is probably going to win, especially since he proved he could take the heat when Aries Spears snapped on him for going to a comedy show with a “sista.” Despite Chilli’s progress, she decided to nitpick Tionna’s match making skills because she felt that if Tionna were on point then she would have introduced her to these men earlier in the game. A frustrated Tionna knocked a glass off their lunch table and stormed out, threatening to head back to New York because of Chilli’s ungrateful behavior. They made peace before the episode ended but it’s always love/hate with those two. Chilli’s comments were rude along the lines of passive/aggressive but the real question is: Will she keep up with the progress she has made once Tionna’s time is up or will extreme standards and stubborness keep her lonely?


Basketball Wives

Evelyn convinces the ladies?except for Gloria (like you’re surprised) ?to head to LA to “visit Shaunie.” Her real motive was to confront the woman she believes is stalking her (and who allegedly released her nude photos) based on evidence from her private investigator. Suzie, who is friends with the woman (which is extra suspect), organized a luncheon where they could talk out their differences like big girls. Evelyn unleashed her inner Bronx chick as she threw water on the woman (named Vanessa) who, of course, denied the allegations. However, Eve wasn’t froggy enough to throw a punch (maybe the cameras didn’t inspire her enough), which would have been classic! Vanessa called Evelyn’s behavior juvenile?not quite in those words but that was the gist of it?but it’s better to be juvenile than a psycho.

Why does anyone have time and enough hate in their heart to cyber stalk a near stranger? Evelyn says the she and Vanessa have no past but is there something they’re not telling us, like, maybe this is some sort of extortion or revenge plot?


Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

B-Rocka celebrated her 31th birthday courtesy of little bro Ray J. Ray often calls himself the party king and even though it usually seems like he’s just blowing out hot air, he actually came through by planning an elaborate shindig in Miami. Brandy was brought to tears by the support she got and the success of her shindig. Kelly Rowland came to show her love and most importantly, Flo Rida came through too. Brandy claims that they work better as friends because they’re both celebrities, but she’s fronting. Even celebrities have to protect their hearts?no matter what age.