Reality TV Recap: Lil Wayne’s Daughter Can’t Cut It?


Tiny & Toya

When Tiny notices the OMG Girlz becoming more like the WTF Girlz, the former Xscaper hires a vocal coach and a performance consultant to groom their showmanship, but Reginae still struggles to keep up. Baby Carter lags behind when it comes to the dance steps and falls flat vocally. In other words, she’s not acting like the offspring of one of the “hottest rappers on the planet.” Meanwhile, Toya encourages Reginae to treat school as more of a priority than the group and, well, mother knows best. The OMG Girlz might have potential but the budding crew needs severe bootcamp along the lines of a Diddy Making the Band session or Joe Jackson’s School of Whipping a Group Into Shape. Can they get it together?