Reality TV Recap: Ray J Gets A Free Lapdance



Ray J’s friends caused a stir in the office by sending him a stripper but Sonja Norwood took it out on Brandy instead, and deep-seated family issues surfaced. Brandy was even more insulted by the fact that her mom childishly didn’t show up to one of her most important performances?alongside Timbaland?where she debuted her rapping alter-ego. The only solution seemed to be that Ray J had to be the one to bring their mother out of her funk, but will what looks like favorite child syndrome drive a bigger wedge between Brandy and her mother?


Royce and Gloria seemed to be making friends while Jen and Suzie got involved in more drama. The infamous groupie known as “plastic surgery” confronted Jen while crashing her dinner with Royce and Suzie. Words were exchanged between Jen and groupie but then the beef shifted and Suzie got into a drink-throwing match with the groupie that almost turned into an altercation. The last words uttered by the plastic surgery were, “I’ll see you in the streets.”


Tionna tried to get Chilli past the Floyd Mayweather upset by hooking her up on a kickboxing date that didn’t work out. Of course we’re not surprised about that but in Chilli’s defense, the dude was obnoxious. Tionna then tried to hook Chilli up with one of Cosmo magazine’s most eligible bachelors. He was actually a nice good-looking guy but Chilli broke out the guns and shot him down. Tionna expresses to Chilli that she is beginning to feel discouraged during a tension-heavy conversation that didn’t end well, especially after Tionna refers to Chilli as shallow and loosely calls her a bitch in what was supposed to be a compliment.