Reality TV Recap: Tiny Opens A Nail Bar, Toya Has Leeches



Last night’s episode found Toya still distraught about her mom going back to New Orleans because Toya knows that when her mom goes back to the NO, crackheadish activities ensue. This time around, Toya says she will stop trying to cater to her mom and other leechy relatives (like her “rapper” older brother), but we’ve heard this before.

Sometimes, even family is trifling enough to get cut off and in Toya’s mom’s case she hasn’t tried to help herself and constantly talks about seriously making efforts to get better but not doing anything about it. That’s not cool. Hopefully Toya will realize that some things may never change. In the meantime, Toya is making sure that her teenage brother stays with her in ATL so that he can get a good education. She hired a tutor for him and wants his main focus to be vocabulary expansion. So far little bro is receptive to the lessons he has been learning. At least one of Toya’s relatives is trying to improve!

Tiny helped Toya get her mind off her mom as they prepared to open Tiny’s Nail Bar. Tiny was still nervous about her business but friends and family helped her pull off a successful grand opening event. Out of all the reality TV on the tube, the constant and best theme of Tiny & Toya is true friendship. It’s nice to see how they support each other.

Who is your friend that you can depend on the way Tiny and Toya do each other? Do you know someone who struggles constantly with drug addiction? Have people given up on them?