Reality TV Recap: Toya Gains More Independence, Tiny Comes Out of Retirement


Despite the hate that Tiny & Toya gets for supposedly being “ghetto,” both women represent two extremely relatable facets of womanhood that a lot of people can identify with. Last night’s episode found Toya still learning how to be independent but she’s setting a great example for her daughter in the process. Her lawyer negotiated a new book deal that will allow her to have more control over writing what she wants?an inspirational memoir style tome as opposed to a tell-all book. Toya is an amicable enough figure to successfully develop a following with her book, but is this enough to break her out of being labeled “Lil Wayne’s baby mama?”

Tiny is planning her Alzheimer’s benefit?which will honor of her father and Tip’s father?more intensively. She located a venue and has decided to come out of retirement to perform that night. However, Tiny’s friend reminds her about Tip’s controlling desire for Tiny not to perform (or work at all, for that matter) so that she can solely focus on rearing their children. Tiny skeptically says she’s going to perform and that Tip won’t mind because it’s for charity but her situation raises the question: Should women give up their careers to raise a family if their man is capable of taking care of them or, can a woman find a balance? It seems that Tiny has found somewhat of a center by keeping up with various business endeavors, but she’s struggling to stay on even ground.