Reality TV Recap: Toya Struggles With Book; Tiny’s Dad’s Condition Gets Worse


In last night’s episode, Toya finds herself struggling to get her book published because agents want tell-all scandal about Lil Wayne. However, she refuses to give in and is determined to write what she wants to write?something that’s more of a memoir meant to inspire girls growing up in similar situations as she did.

T.I. gifts Tiny with several dozens of flowers and gifts from behind bars, just to remind her that he’s coming home soon. While the Tip-in-jail chapter of Tiny’s life is getting closer to resolution, the next on going battle is with her father’s Alzheimer’s. It’s sadly getting worse but Tiny and her siblings have decided to rally behind their mom to help support their dad the best they can. Tiny has decided to sing in a fundraiser for the debilitating disease. It’s a noble thing that Tiny and her siblings have decided to do because most people would probably give up and put their relative in a home.


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