Rico Love’s Blog: Money Vs. Love


They say money killed love, and it’s all our fault. We didn’t protect it. We didn’t keep it safely tucked in our hearts. Instead we tried to manufacture it and allow lust, greed and deceit to impersonate it. We’ve gone as far as reducing marriage from a beautiful unity, ordained by God, to merely a business arrangement.

We allowed “what if’s” to take the place of FOREVER! It’s to the point where I myself am afraid to truly commit and exchange vows for fear of bitter divorce battles. We allowed money to kill love, and for what? For cheap thrills, exotic vacations, and physical satisfaction. I say “We” because I am apart of the blame, We ALL ere! 

We eliminated the unconditional part of love. But wait 1 second, I just thought about what Love really is….. Love is God, God is Love! So the rumors are not true! There is still hope because nothing can kill God! Money can’t truly buy out and replace love! Hatred can’t over power the stronghold placed on our hearts by God (Love). Love is infinite and omnipresent. Love is Forever and without limit! 

“Beloved let us Love One another, for Love is of God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is Love” 1John 4:7-8…. So if you think Love is Dead, then what you thought was love was an imposter! Turn The Lights On!

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