A Short Convo With… Pusha T (Pg. 2)


Recently, a video surfaced on the Internet of you doing a show and telling the crowd that you and Malice will be putting out solo albums in the near future. Any particular reason for that?
We got Re-Up Gang Records, so we’re trying to exercise every aspect of putting music out there. The Clipse will definitely be putting more music out. But it only makes sense for us to do solo projects and build a catalog with solo records by ourselves as well as [our artist] Ab Liva.

Will we see the solo albums before the next Clipse album?
You know what? I don’t really want to say yet. Right now, we’re recording a lot of music, so we’ll see. It all depends on what sounds best.

Is there anything you’re trying to accomplish by recording stuff on your own? Do you see it as an opportunity to showcase yourself on your own terms?
I think I’ve grown with every Clipse album, but there’s an emotional side of Pusha that people need to see. I want people to get a little more in tune with my thought process. A lot of times people hear me and think, ‘Wow! That’s a dope verse!’ but it’s way beyond that with me. I want people to understand who I am and get inside my thought process. I think I can do that with a solo project.

Switching gears, we’ve got this Greatest Producer of All Time tournament we’re doing right now and we’re down to the Elite 8. The Neptunes are actually up against Timbaland this week in a big matchup. Since you’ve worked with them a lot, I wanted to ask you…
Is Teddy Riley in that?

He was, but he got knocked out. I forget who knocked him out, though. Let me check.
Who had the audacity to knock that man out? Who voted
him out?!

If we’re not gonna talk Teddy Riley and we’re not gonna say him, I’m going to go with someone who has been successful at changing the sound of music at least two or three times. So I’m gonna say the Neptunes.

I just looked it up. Teddy Riley got knocked out by Diddy and the Hitmen…
Come on! Are you serious? You know what? Take off my vote then. [Laughs]

I’m guessing you would have Teddy Riley winning the whole tournament?
Yeah, at the beginning, I would have said Teddy Riley. If I have to go with what’s left on the list, I’m gonna say the Neptunes. But being that I know Teddy Riley got knocked out by the Hitmen, scratch my vote! [
Laughs] I’m not going for that.




You can follow Pusha on Twitter here. Clipse are currently touring and are scheduled to perform at BB King’s in New York City on Thursday night.

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