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I actually Tweeted something on that statement—again saying that Guru received the top level of care. He’s a big celebrity in this community. He was loved and adored by many, including some of the people working in the hospital. Not only that, but he had a 24-hour video monitoring system because of his celebrity. Quite honestly, from my records and what I’ve heard, I’m not even sure there was any visit from DJ Premier. Guru was in the intensive care unit and visiting regulations were very strict. Only family members and I were allowed to see him as far as I know. Not because of anything that I did to prevent that but the policy of the hospital is that when someone is in critical care, only close family members have visitation rights, meaning only mom, dad, brother, sister and me and Asia of course.

Well, Preemo mentioned basically sneaking in to see Guru…

I’ve never saw Guru in that state. Of course, when you’re that far into the stages of cancer, they are not going to be shaving you and cutting your hair like you’re in a barber shop. But he was well cared for and maintained. I’m sure the hospital was shocked to hear that. They did everything possible for him.

What about the stories of alleged physical abuse you inflicted on Guru?

When Guru was well, he stayed in the gym. He wasn’t nobody’s punk or someone who was going to be smacked around. We got into some things at times, but I always got the worst end of it, trust me.

After his passing you did several interviews with major outlets like MTV, CNN and Hot 97. Many are speculating that this was for personal gain and not for Guru.

I’ve always said that the Gang Starr catalog is one of the most brilliant in hip-hop history. None of the interviews were done for the benefit of myself. I’m the one here to tell the story that Guru wanted to be told. Keep in mind that Guru and I both knew that he had cancer a year and half ago, and we started documenting everything. I’m going to be releasing some of my own documents and pictures of my own somewhere down the line.

Are you going to release the original letter that you say Guru wrote on his deathbed?

Yea, what I intend to do is release a bunch of handwritten stuff from Guru and some of the stuff I’ve compiled myself. The thing is, it seems like anything we’ve released that people don’t like they just attack it. Guru compiled the letter to disseminate to his fans. He didn’t write it on his deathbed, and I never said that. He knew that I had to put that letter together from everything that I had from him. And he instructed me to let the world know certain things. Guru was very adamant that the work we did together be significant and remembered. What’s happening now is what he predictedthat people would try to discredit his work.

Did you have control over all his email accounts and control over his royalties from past recordings?

No, I never had access to his accounts. Guru handled his own business.

Are you still planning to release any posthumous material from Guru?

Guru was a workaholic and we have a large amount of music that hasn’t been unreleased. I believe that the fans want to hear it and it will happen.

What about the public memorial service you talked about for Guru?

I was kind of planning all of that. It just has been a very emotional time for me but Guru has told me exactly what he wanted to be done in the event of his death. Hopefully, things will calm down and mellow out and, we can get back to the business of seeing Guru’s wishes come true. He’s just done so much for the world and for hip-hop.

Guru’s family has continued to speak about the controversy surrounding his passing. Do you have anything further you want to tell them?

What I’ve said beforethat my heart goes out to them, and I hope that their hearts go out to me. Their son was an incredible man I can’t even really imagine what the world is without him. I have nothing but love and respect for him.

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