The Solar Saga: Tracking Down His Hacker

“How much of what you told me is the truth?”

It’s 10:27 pm on a quiet Wednesday evening. Usually at this hour I’m scouring blogs or flipping through an Esquire, but tonight’s a bit different. Someone’s been lying to me. I crush the high-volume key of my MacBook, impatient for a response. Two seconds pass. Then a nervous laugh: “So I’m guessing you found out that I’m not from South Africa?”

And there begins my second interview with Solar’s alleged hacker. Late Sunday, myself and News Editor John Kennedy heard about Solar’s Twitter takeover and after seeing all the crazy documents that unceasingly spewed, realized we had to find this person. As a journalist, I abhor conducting business on Twitter—perhaps I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to correspondence. But here I was, one day later, tweeting @Solar­_7Grand to check his DM. Monday passed without a response. When I finally got a hold of the Internet sadist on Tuesday, he was expectedly stingy and paranoid.

No recording. No phone. No *67. No conference line. Nada.

Yet, he was also surprisingly personable - an “I love Vibe” mention here, a smiley face there. I suspected the back-and-forth was thrilling for him. Skype was my bait. He ate it up.

Supposedly, he had just arrived in South Africa that day. I asked him the time — close to 12:30 a.m. He requested to quickly get this interview moving because he was ready for bed. That made me skeptical. I asked if we could push our interview back an hour. From my experience, hackers rarely sleep before 2 a.m. and I wanted make sure I was in control. Wish I could share our full DM history, but he deleted it.

When we first spoke, I had no expectations, just questions. I was immediately taken aback by his voice. He was everything opposite the woman he'd originally indentified himself as. His voice was harsh and technical as he explained to me the importance of keeping his identity concealed. I asked if he was using a voice-changer. He admitted yes. I asked his age. “Umm, between 18 and 22.” The rest of our conversation you can read here. For the most part he was patient and forthright. For the most part I was satisfied with what I pulled.

There are few things worse for a writer than the hours following an important interview, when the regrets start showering down. This time it wasn’t so much of a forgotten query, but more of an epiphany. First, I realized that his job title (Account Manager) didn’t match his young age range. Then I recalled that he couldn’t help me remember the word, Afrikaner, a term every South African can reference with ease. That’s when I remembered I had spoken to a hacker. The kind of person I befriended during my naïve year as a 12-year-old web freak—the age where I entrusted an Internet “buddy” to hook up my AOL web page. Instead, he crashed my computer. Hackers are huge liars.

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Future Confronted Jay-Z Over '4:44' Diss: "You Supposed To Be Biggin’ Me Up"

Many suspected that there was beef between Future and Jay-Z after Hov appeared to take a jab at Future's current family situation on his 2017 album, 4:44. While Hendrix has remained rather silent about the subliminal line in the past, the rapper revealed during an interview on Hot 107.9 ATL's "The Durty Boyz Show" that he actually confronted Jay about the line.

The lyric in question appeared on Jay-Z's single "Kill Jay-Z." "In the future, other n***as playin' football with your son/You had lost it, 13 bottles of Ace of Spade what it did to Boston," Jigga raps. The lyrical wordplay appears to reference Future and Ciara's intense custody battle and also commented on Russell Wilson filling in as a father figure for Future's son.

While he admittedly thought it was a diss, he says Jay was singing a different tune. "When I talked to him, ‘I didn’t really say that. Look man, I didn’t mean it like that.'" He said of his conversation with the Brooklyn artist. "And I was just like, you supposed to be biggin’ up the rap community. NFL deal with NFL. You supposed to be biggin’ me up if anything."

The "Rocket Ship" rapper also stated that rappers shouldn't attack other rappers for the sake of Instagram captions or memes. "We come from the trenches. I come from the streets. You come from the streets," he continued. "You supposed to be biggin’ me up. You supposed to be giving that no negative attention for a hot line, something that’s going to always be out…"

Despite the past drama however, Future says he's moved on and is focusing his attention on bigger things.  "[The song is] out now… It is what it is. I ain’t even trippin’ off him. I’m trying to get to where I’m going, and ain’t nobody going to stop me or whatever going on, the talking, the captions, or whatever the memes – it can’t stop me because it’s a vision that I have and it’s goals that I have, that I set out for myself that I got to get that no matter what."

Future is currently promoting his latest album, The Wzrd, which was released on Jan. 18. Check out the clip from his recent interview below.


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112 Hints At A Christian Music Collaboration With Kanye West

Kanye West's highly-anticipated album, Yandhi is nowhere to be found, but that doesn't mean the rapper hasn't been working on new music. In fact, Ye is looking into creating new tunes in the Christian music genre. According to 112's Slim, the R&B group is teaming up with Kanye to produce new music that will draw the new generation to church.

Slim made the revelation during an interview with TMZ on Monday (Jan. 21). Unfortunately, Slim wouldn't drop too many details about the project, but hinted that the collaboration could or could not happen.

"Kanye being a musical genius, he’ll do an album and then scrap it," he said. "Whatever happens, it’s something that God wanted to happen."

Slim's latest comments come shortly after a video surfaced online of 112 serenading Kim Kardashian with a rendition of their single "Cupid" on FaceTime. The clip went viral, prompting suspicion of a possible collaboration.

Aside from music, Slim said he also talked to Kanye to see where he was mentally. "Kanye is in a real good place," he revealed. "We were talking about things that were more spiritual and he’s in a real good place right now."

Stay tuned to see if the Kanye West and 112 Christian collaboration actually happens.

Check out the full interview above.

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Pete Davidson On R. Kelly: "He Should Be Shot In The F**king Face"

R. Kelly's latest scandal is hitting the comedy stage. Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson addressed the sex abuse allegations against R. Kelly during his stand-up routine at The Bell House in Brooklyn on Monday (Jan. 21), and he didn't hold any of his feelings about the disgraced singer back.

According to attendees at the show, Davidson spoke candidly about watching the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly and the consequences that Kelly should receive as a result of his years of alleged abuse and misconduct. "I thought I was having a bad year," the comedian joked, according to Us Weekly.  "[Kelly] should get shot in the f**king face."

Pete is the latest celebrity to speak out against Kelly. He follows criticism from John Legend, Lady Gaga, Omarion, and more.

Davidson also discussed his relationship withe x-girlfriend Ariana Grande during his segment. He reportedly joked about Grande's previous comments about his large manhood. According to the SNL star however, his penis is fairly average. "[Ariana is a] tiny lady, so everything to her is huge," he said. "Every girl for the rest of my life who sees my penis will be disappointed."

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