Solar’s Hacker Reveals Himself [Pg 2.]

But are you guys cool, how did you find him?
Umm, I really can’t comment on that. Sorry.

Why do you feel you’re the one to punish Solar?
It was never my choice to do it. It was a random thing. It’s not like I feel like I’m the chosen one. But the opportunity was there.

Did you take some time to think about if you really wanted to hack into his email or was your decision immediate?
It was immediate. When that person said ‘Here is Solar’s email account.’ I said ‘Okay, I’m going to hack that shit.’

So you didn’t ask for it?
No, the person just put it out there.

You’ve leaked proof of him cheating on his wife, evidence that he stole money from Guru, but is there anything left to leak?
I’ve got some lyrics from Guru, I’ve got some beats from Solar. I didn’t listen to them yet, because I don’t want my ears to bleed. Then I’ve got some touchy things that I can leak.

Why are you holding onto them?
It really depends on how things are going. If Solar starts lying again then I can leak those things to let the world see.

What are some of those things?
I’ve got a shitload of pics of him cheating. I don’t think I leaked this completely…. When Guru was in the hospital fighting for his life, Solar sent an email from Guru’s email account to EMI and said, ‘I want to transfer 1K from my bank account to another bank account.’ And that bank account is Solar’s bank account. I’ve got several bank records indicating that he was stealing from Guru. And some documents indicating that all the royalties from EMI went to 7 Grand [his record label]. I’ve got an email showing that he didn’t pay Doo Wop.

Is that the worst?
I really think I did the worst. I exposed all those photos that I’m sure his wife wasn’t happy about. I could expose more things, but that’s just too harsh for the man. He’s going through a hard time now.


“Selling someone’s house while they’re in a coma and pretending to be Guru to change bank statements—Those are pretty illegal things and he should go to jail for that.”


Now how did you get into his Twitter?
Well Solar’s a stupid asshole because he emailed all the passwords to himself a couple of times. All MySpace passwords, all Twitter passwords. 

How often are you on the account per day?
It’s like a day job for me at this moment.

Has anyone from his side tried to DM you and tell you to stop?
No, they never contacted me. That’s the crazy part about this. Nobody emailed me or sent me a message.

Is that upsetting?
Yeah, because in every interview he says, ‘Guru is my brother.’ But in the meantime he’s letting everything come out and not defending anything. So yeah, it bugs me that he’s not defending himself at this moment. It’s crazy.

 What’s been the response from people on Twitter? Have any celebrities hit you?
Premier did let me know that this is crazy. He was like ‘Wow, look at this.’ Questlove, Doo Wop, Royce da 5’9, Havoc… they’re all following me. 

Interesting, did Premier ever DM you?

Has anyone threatened you?
No one has threatened me… yet.

Would you stop if that happened?
I’m not afraid.