Solar’s Hacker Reveals Himself [Pg 3.]

At all?
A little bit, but I haven’t heard from the FBI or something like that. I’m cool. At least I can go to McDonalds. I’m not afraid of him.

Before doing this, did you look up what legal action could be taken against you?
I’m not going to deny that [this is illegal]. If I get caught it’s going to be a big problem for me because he can sue me for slander. He can sue me for putting his personal information out, stuff like that. So um, yeah, I would be in big trouble.

But it’s worth it to you?
Yeah, I think so. I really do. 

You sound confident that you won’t get caught.
Well somebody who emails all his passwords isn’t a smart person, so I’m really not that afraid of something happening.

You’ve also taken over Guru’s Twitter, how did you manage that?
Solar controlled Guru’s email, Guru’s Twitter, Guru’s MySpace. Everything. I actually tweeted the password of 7 Grand’s Twitter just to have some fun.

How do you think everything is going to blow over?
That’s a good question. I’m really surprised Solar didn’t come out with a statement. This dude cant walk outside anymore, he can’t get a hamburger at McDonalds. He can’t do anything. He’s going to be blackballed in the industry, nobody’s going to work with him. But it will fade away eventually. 

Is that why you haven’t gotten off Twitter? To keep it from fading?
Yeah, that’s right. 


“There are some things I’m not going to leak, out of respect for Guru. [But] I’m holding [Solar’s] Twitter account until he takes it down.”

What would be your happy ending? 
The perfect ending is if he’s in jail because he did some evil things. Like selling someone’s house while they’re in a coma and pretending to be Guru to change bank statements. Those are pretty illegal things and he should go to jail for that.

I’ve never seen a celebrity get hacked for so long.
Solar is no celebrity. If Solar’s a celebrity, then I’m the emperor of China.

So Twitter hasn’t reached out to get some type of verification from you?
Not at all. They’re probably like, ‘Yeah, expose this guy!’

Is it easy to hack into a celebrity account?
Most accounts get hacked because of the secret question like how many dogs do you have or what’s your wife’s name. If you know that, then it’s quite easy. Since so many celebrities have that info posted on websites, it’s easy to go on from there.

Do you have a time limit for how long you want to stay on his Twitter? When does it end for you?
Well, I’m not going to leak any emails anymore. I think I leaked all the things that people need to know. There are some things I’m not going to leak, out of respect for Guru. [But] I’m holding his Twitter account until he takes it down.

Would you ever consider exposing yourself?
If Solar’s in jail, then maybe. Then I’ll be like ‘What’s up, Solar. Gotcha!’

If Solar admitted to the things he’s been accused of and made a public apology would you stop this?
No, I still would go on… because I’m smooth like that.


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