A Survival Guide For T.I.’s Larry King Interview (Pg. 2)

DON’T: Skimp on a stylist

First impressions are everythingright, #chrisbrownsbowtie? (which, let us add, is still trending!) If you want to win over your audience, Tip, you need to play the part of a guy that’s truly sorry for what he’s done in the past. That means no Atlanta Braves cap, no white tee and no sunglasses over your eyes during the interview. Don’t be the next contestant on that Trending Topics screen…


DO: Know what you’re talking about—and add your own personality to it

In 2008, Snoop Dogg appeared on Larry King Live to talk politics. He revealed his thoughts on Barack Obama’s chances of winning the election and threw a little praise to John McCain. But when asked who he was supporting, he deadpanned: “I’m not down with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I represent the gangsta party.” Point…set…match! Good one, Snoop. Tip, you’re a funny guy, too. So despite the serious tone of the interview, don’t be afraid to have fun with your appearance, either.


DON’T: Just tell us everything your media trainer wants us to know

Last year, Beyoncé appeared on Larry King Live. She talked and talked and talked…and then we woke up. Seriously, if you’re gonna take the time to do a show like LKL and get a ton of free exposure for yourself, break down your story and tell us something we don’t know about yourself. Don’t just regurgitate your bio. We know you served some time, we know you’re sorry and we know you’re looking forward to getting back into the rap game. Now, surprise us and tell us something we don’t know. It’ll pay off.