A Survival Guide For T.I.’s Larry King Interview (pg. 3)

DO: Turn your Larry King Live appearance into an event

We can’t lie, Tip: We completely forgot you were appearing on LKL tonight. Not because we’re not interested in seeing it, but because you haven’t pumped it up to be as big as it could be. Take to Twitter today and tell your 107,000 followers to check it out. Get the rap blogs on the horn. Live stream something. Whatever it takes. Hell, Diddy once did an appearance on LKL basically promoting Twitter—and he managed to turn it into an event about himself. This is a big look, so make sure you treat it like one.


DON’T: Promote your new mixtape on-air

Fuck A Mixtape! Yeah, we know. May 25th. Tip is back. Gonna be great. Get excited. But the absolute last thing you need to do is to try and promote a mixtape with an expletive in it during an interview that’s supposed to be helping you get yourself back into the good graces of the public. On second thought, skip talking about your new album, King Uncaged, too. Not because it’s got an expletive in it. But that title? Ehhhh!


DO: Use the King vs. King angle to your advantage

Larry King will undoubtedly bring up the fact that his last name is King and you consider yourself the “King of the South.” Just smile and go with it. Who knows? Say the right thing and you might get one of those viral video moments and land on every blog across the country as a result of it. But no matter what you do (or don’t do) tonight, Tip: Make sure you show ‘em who’s really king.


Do you think it’s a good move for T.I. to make his first televised appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight? Will you be watching? What do you think he’ll say? Leave a comment below.