Tyga Says Chris Brown Mixtape Collabo Not A Marketing Ploy

Tyga and his friend Chris Brown are following the paths of Jay-Z and R Kelly and Bow Wow and Omarion with an R&B meets hip-hop project. But the duo is doing things differently by releasing a mixtape instead of an LP. According to Tyga, Fan of a Fan is more the product of their friendship and creative chemistry than it is a marketing ploy.

“I’ve been knowing him for two years and I’m not that type of person to as soon as I meet somebody be like, ‘Yo I need this.’ I let them get to know me first,” Tyga tells VIBE. “One day we was in the studio and he was like, ‘Let’s do a mixtape.’ With the situation that he’s been in and the fact that I haven’t come out with a lot of stuff on my own, it just made sense. There’s not a lot of unity anymore. A lot of people don’t work with other people or they’re afraid of what these blogs got to say and that’s part of the problem, people are too afraid to do what they want to do.”

Fan of a Fan, which dropped online yesterday (May 17), includes “G-Shit” and “Holla At Me,” singles also accompanied by videos that went viral but Tyga says those were the weakest of the bunch.

“You’re your own critic so I feel like those are the weaker songs we did,” Tyga says. “I feel like everything else we did was better than that because the vibe and the chemistry started to get going when we started recording more.”

There aren’t many features on Fan of a Fan, with the exception of Bow Wow and Kevin McCall, but one the duo says they’re critically missing is Nicki Minaj“We wanted Nicki Minaj on [Fan of a Fan] but you have to track her down. We’ll get her though, because anything with her on it is gonna be fire,” says the LA rapper who signed to Young Money last year.

Although nothing is official yet, Tyga hinted that out of several songs recorded there are enough left over tracks to make more albums. “If it makes sense then I eventually see us doing a full album or an EP, but only if everything is right,” he says.

Tyga is also working on his own album, which is currently untitled but scheduled for a September release. He was mum on the collabs but confirmed guest spots from Drake, Chris Brown and J Cole, and added that it’s a big difference from his “Coconut Juice” days with Pete Wentz.

“I feel like this album is really gonna introduce me and display me as the artist that I am now and that I’m gonna continue to be. When I got over [to Decaydance] it was a lot of rock influence [and] that was what I thought I had to do because I was young [but] I realized that it’s not about what the managers and A&R’s want it’s about what you want and what these fans want to hear from you,” Tyga says adding that he and Wentz are still cool. “[Pete Wentz] respects it though because everything made sense when they saw the ‘Bedrock’ video and my affiliation—because they didn’t know how to market me. And that’s why it makes sense for me to be on Young Money because Wayne and Birdman let you do what you want to do. That’s why my music is getting better every day.” —Starrene Rhett

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