V Exclusive: Meet ‘Renaldo,’ Solar’s Self-Proclaimed Hacker

Somebody will stop at nothing to expose Solar. On Sunday, AllHipHop reported that the Twitter account of Guru’s controversial associate (@Solar_7Grand) had been taken over by a hacker. And the tweets that followed were far from jesting. The raider, who initially identified himself as a female, was also able to access Solar’s AOL email account, relentlessly tweeting private email exchanges including X-rated photos (allegedly of mistresses) and correspondence suggesting that Solar had stolen a clump of money from Guru.

VIBE tracked down the hacktivist—who called himself “Renaldo”—for a frank discussion on his motivation, the emails he’s holding back and if the tweets will ever end. —Tracy Garraud

VIBE: I’m surprised you’re not…
“Renaldo”: A girl? [Laughs] Well, yeah, I’ve got to hide my identity to make it harder for Solar to find me. 

Simply put, why are you hacking Solar’s accounts?
I’m angry because [of the] things popped off on the Internet about Solar. There were rumors going on about Solar selling Guru’s house while Guru was in the hospital. So when people came forward like Solar’s baby mother, I was like, ‘Let’s expose this guy.’ So that’s why I did it. 

It took some time to get this interview… why did you finally decide to do it?
I only want the truth out. I don’t want fame or recognition. The truth is the most important thing. Solar in my eyes is a very shady dude and all the things he did to Guru is crazy. He shouldn’t get away with it.

Do you know anyone in Gang Starr personally?
I can’t comment on that. I’m sorry. 

Why be so proactive with their situation. Are you a Gang Starr stan?
Well, I’m a big hip-hop fan and I’ve always like Gang Starr, it’s not like I’m the biggest fan, but I always enjoyed all their joints. 

Would you have done this if it were based around another hip-hop group?
No, I wouldn’t. This is just a one-time, one-man action. 

Have you hacked another celebrity before?

Did someone help you?
Someone did help me a little bit. Someone gave me his email address. So I didn’t hack his computer, I hacked his email account.

The person who helped you, do they not like Solar as well or is this a friend of yours? 
The person doesn’t like Solar either, but knew his email address.

Do they know him personally?
I don’t know if he knows Solar personally. It’s just really anonymous.

But are you guys cool, how did you find him?